Experience and Expertise – Amazon RDS

Hallmark as an expert to enable AWS customers deploy a Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) simplifies installation, operation and scaling of relational databases in the AWS cloud. Hallmark Team expertise in deploying Amazon RDS has enabled many customers to seamlessly migrate to a flexible, scalable and cost-effective database solution.

AWS Certified Professionals

We are equipped with AWS Certified Solution Architects, Engineers, System Administrators and Database Administrators. Our dedicated AWS team help choosing the right methods of application and database migrations from on-premises, co-locations or any other cloud platform to AWS.


We at Hallmark, AWS RDS automates several tasks, including starting and stopping non-productive instances, monitoring backups and implementing data masking processes that make databases available for development and approval environments, providing great peace of mind for business on a daily basis. Multiple database engines like Amazon Aurora, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL are compatible to work with Amazon RDS.

Case Studies



eSigns offers the best electronic signature services to enterprises of diverse sizes across geographical locations. Its comprehensive document and data management solutions are powerful engines to accelerate growth by reaching customers with lightning speed. As a cloud-based flexible electronic signature software, eSigns meets the diverse administrative, operational, promotional, customer relations, and employee engagement needs of organizations. When customer privacy and data safety are in question in this digital world, we comply with global privacy norms to ensure tamper-free document and data management practices. eSigns drives a unique, paperless digital work experience with its seamless digital workflows and entities for effective document and data management.

Experience the unique drag-and-drop, no-code document management experience and encrypt your documents with an electronic signature to drive data safety and privacy to win customer loyalty. Make the most out of a 60days free trial and go completely paperless and digital.

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eTutor digital, the powerhouse R&D team is tirelessly crafting the future of learning through innovative computer-aided assessment technologies. They pride on infusing Artificial Intelligence techniques into their tools and products, revolutionizing the teaching and learning landscape.

With eTutor's software solutions, educators and administrators gain the tools to deliver top-notch education, empowering them to elevate the learning experience. In 2020 alone, eTutor was pivotal in propelling over 500 academic schools to a remarkable 30% improvement in results.

Their vision at eTutor Digital is to be at the forefront of transforming the teaching and learning landscape. They aim to create an environment where education is not just imparted but is a collaborative and seamless experience for everyone involved.

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