Case Study

Migrating from On-Premises PostgreSQL to Amazon RDS for Improved Stability and Cost Efficiency

Client Overview

The client heavily relied on their on-premises PostgreSQL setup to ensure smooth operation of their applications.


Keeping Things Stable: The client faced frequent interruptions and slowdowns, hindering the smooth operation of their applications.

Saving Money: Operational costs were high, prompting the need for cost-saving measures without compromising performance.

Previous attempt : Client tried to implement RDS on their own, but could not succeeded and encountered issues with Amazon RDS, including complex operations and security concerns.

Solution Strategy:

Moving to the Cloud: Transitioning the PostgreSQL setup from on-site to Amazon RDS provided improved stability and scalability.

Spending Less: Utilizing cost management tools in the cloud environment helped the client optimize expenditure.

Ensuring Stability: Implementing measures to enhance application performance and resilience on Amazon RDS.

Implementation Process:

Collaborative Approach: Close collaboration with the client ensured alignment throughout the migration process.

Gradual Migration: Methodical transfer of data and applications to Amazon RDS minimized disruptions.

Knowledge Transfer: Equipping the client with the necessary skills to manage the new setup independently.


Improved Stability: Reduction in system downtime resulted in increased satisfaction among users

Cost Savings: Migration to Amazon RDS led to significant cost reductions in operational expenses.

Enhanced Management: Cloud-based infrastructure facilitated easier monitoring and management.


In summary, the migration to Amazon RDS brought positive outcomes to the client, including enhanced stability and cost efficiency. Overall performance of their application has drastically increased and can be accessible around the globe without choking. Client has done the load testing and unit testing after the migration is completed and found that, there is no load issues with the new AWS infrastructure.