The Services We Offer

Hallmark Global Technologies is a world-class and end-to-end IT services company. We have put in place the best-in-the-genre people, process and technologies to offer immediate value to our clients across industry verticals. We have drawn the complete IT circle through our bespoke, affordable and value-driven IT services and product development initiatives.Excellence in project management and quality in project delivery means to drive value for the client’s business. In addition, exceeding the expectations of each client means to develop IT solutions that meet the lifecycle needs and requirements, and adhere to industry’s best practices.

Custom Application Development

Hallmark Global Technologies’ custom application development services address equally each industry’s need for diverse functionalities as well as business critical applications. We leverage on the power of business management, intelligence and information software…

Infrastructure Management

Hallmark Global Technologies offers value-driven, robust and custom infrastructure and data center management services. As a full-service provider, we help businesses with the design, transformation and operation of data centers.


Hallmark Global Technologies’ consulting services help businesses to overcome critical organizational challenges such as competing priorities, incompatible processes and technologies, and continuous updates to match the changing user needs and expectations.


If you do not have experience in recruitment and selection process, you can avail Hallmark Global Technologies’ affordable and prompt staffing services. We deal in both categories of personnel: Temporary and temp-to-hire and permanent.

System Integration

Small businesses as well as large enterprises across the globe increasingly confront the challenge of system integration. As the customer demands and expectations are fast changing, the need to enhance the existing IT applications..

Cloud Services/SaaS

Globally, the cloud computing is gaining popularity for its wonderful features as well as the benefits it offers. Hallmark Global Technologies leverages on the following benefits of cloud to achieve for each client…

Microsoft Office 365

Hallmark Global Technologies is the GOLD partner of Microsoft. As the premier managed services provider (MSP) for Microsoft products and services, we deal in cloud computing, most specifically with Microsoft Office 365. As understood, MS Office 365 has emerged as the most robust, value-driven and cost effective cloud platform.

Why Hallmark?

Hallmark Global Technologies is the preferred partner for bespoke and innovative technology services. We enable businesses to remain competitive, achieve operational efficiency, sustain customer satisfaction, and equally maintain profitability. The quality of our services and our technology portfolio helps us to win new customers and get repeat business from existing customers.

  • Hallmark Global Technologies is based in Delaware, USA. We have pioneered the introduction of innovative technologies. We drive value for our clients through Custom Application Development, System Integration, Consulting, Infrastructure Management and Cloud Services, and Staffing solutions.
  • We offer software development and system integration services on a continuous basis.
  • We promote collaborative work culture, where our software architects work in close coordination with the client’s teams.
  • By understanding the client’s business, we design and develop custom solutions for process and operational efficiency.
  • We aim to offer better services and better products that meet the immediate technology needs of our clients.
  • Our consulting practice helps business to leverage on mission critical applications.
  • Our flexible business models help clients to address equally the critical, core and tactical needs
  • We bring to each client engagement the combined experience and competencies of our software architects and business consultants

Our Clients