Heisenberg II

Heisenberg II is an online tool that helps clients to prepare and monitor their physician’s compensation strategy. It automates the entire physician contract management lifecycle.

Challenges confronted by clients

  • Legacy: Manual processes and tools to develop and administer compensation plans
  • Long TAT: Long turnaround times in the design and review of compensation plans
  • Drawback: Inability to produce real-time performance results for physicians.
  • Less Transparency: Minimal transparency between the administration and physicians related to the plan’s functionality
  • Obsolete File Management: Contracts are maintained as PDFs and contract terms are manually
  • entered in the physician compensation system, which increases the chances for errors
  • Disconnect: Disconnect between contracts (terms) and compensation calculation
  • Less or No Reconciliation: Minimal reconciliation between payroll system and the compensation system


  • Helps clients to produce real-time performance results for their physicians
  • Makes for easy reconciliation between payroll system and compensation system
  • Provides for a detailed assessment of Physician Performance
  • Provides detailed reports of physician financial performance
  • Makes it easy for creations of Physician group, Individual Physician Setup, Physician CPT Setup and Overriding, Managing the Contract of Physician and Compensation terms
  • Makes it easy for Payments, that includes Payment Request, Payment Approval and Payment Process
  • Generates clear reports for Physician Payroll that includes, CPT summary, wRVU variance, Physician financial performance, and Compensation category

Features OF Heisenberg II

  • Complete Contract Details and Automation / Management tool
  • Physician compensation calculator to maintain accounts
  • Reconciliation of budget, actual and payroll
  • Dynamic and Real time dashboards to make it easy to understand
  • Benchmarking and identification of FMV (Fare Market Value)
  • Automated contract terms extraction in detail
  • Real time reporting of physician performance and resulting compensation
  • Tests the compensation plan for FMV while plan is under development
  • Tracks plan against FMV standards to account for changes in benchmark data, organization FMV standards, and revisions to the compensation plan
  • Single portal for all plan data that is easily accessible to partiesvTransparent sharing of information among all parties
  • Tracks performance under the new or current plan based on actual productivity