Hallmark Global Technologies is an end-to-end technology company that offers full-fledged software development services to businesses across industry verticals. Significantly, we help our clients to leverage on innovative technologies and remain competitive in the market.

Hallmark Global Technologies is based in Delaware, USA. We have pioneered the introduction of innovative technologies. We drive value for our clients through Custom Application Development, System Integration, Consulting, Infrastructure Management and Cloud Services, and Staffing solutions.

Primarily, we help our client to keep up-to-date on technologies, applications and business strategies. Through proven and value-driven technology and consulting practice, we aim to achieve and enhance each business™ bottom line.

Our focus on people, process and technology has helped us to design and develop custom solutions for our clients. With innovation as the key to successful project management, we have leveraged on the latest software and technologies.

To mention, Hallmark Global Technologies has leveraged on the benefits of Microsoft Office 365, to bring reliability, flexibility and security of the cloud to each client engagement. MS Office 365 has allowed us to integrate the existing environment or create a hybrid solution. This means moving some users to the cloud as well as offering support on on-premise access for others.


To evolve as the premier company for information technology services by offering bespoke and innovative technology services to clients across industry verticals.


To realize for each client high returns on investments made, with far lesser turnaround times and lower total cost of operations.


At Hallmark Global Technologies, we firmly believe that, ‘teams win, individuals don’t.’ It has been integral to the ethics of Hallmark Global Technologies, that teamwork and team spirit needs to be developed and adhered. At our company, we bring together the best teams with proven capabilities that can promise assured project success.

The team of software architects, consultants and business professionals aim to create value for each client's project, by adoption of innovative technologies, flexible business models and bespoke software development services. Each team member brings proven expertise and phenomenal value to each client engagement. Our team includes experts with the following competencies.

  • End to end custom application development
  • Flexible work culture
  • Effective multi tasking for greater value generation
  • Understanding client expectations
  • Strong sense for customization and innovation
  • Equal proficiency in developing basic and mission critical applications
  • Our flexible business models help clients to address equally the critical, core and tactical needs

Why us?

Hallmark Global Technologies is the preferred partner for bespoke and innovative technology services. We enable businesses to remain competitive, achieve operational efficiency, sustain customer satisfaction, and equally maintain profitability. The quality of our services and our technology portfolio helps us to win new customers and get repeat business from existing customers.

  • We offer software development and system integration services on a continuous basis
  • We promote collaborative work culture, where our software architects work in close coordination with the client’s teams.
  • By understanding the client’s business, we design and develop custom solutions for process and operational efficiency
  • We aim to offer better services and better products that meet the immediate technology needs of our clients
  • Our consulting practice helps business to leverage on mission critical applications
  • Our flexible business models help clients to address equally the critical, core and tactical needs
  • We bring to each client engagement the combined experience and competencies of our software architects and business consultants

Philosophy and Values


We aim to build and achieve trust through our competency and focused actions. It is only by understanding the client’s expectation and developing the right-fit solutions, we aim to build client’ trust in our offer of technology services. Definitely professional integrity and values help us to script a win-win situation for our clients and us. We address the question, what is done is right or not? Are there other ways to make things even better?


We rate our success with that of our client’s satisfaction. We help our customers to leverage on innovative methods concerning people, process and technologies. Once the objectives of the client’s project are defined, we set definite milestones to achieve, and evoke complete satisfaction at each phase of the project management process. Accountability is what we bring to all our customer engagement process.


At Hallmark Global Technologies, the staff is precedent and primary, to all else. We consider our staff and their competencies as vital for project success and client satisfaction. The staff with the right skill sets is deployed on projects for value-driven results.

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