If you do not have experience in recruitment and selection process, you can avail Hallmark Global Technologies’ affordable and prompt staffing services. We deal in all categories of personnel: Temporary, temp-to-hire and permanent.

Our staffing expertise presents the following differentiators.

Expertise: We have good expertise in areas related to job knowledge, employment trends and recruitment practices, which is the result of continuous and committed efforts of our staffing team in matching job requirements with candidates with the right skill sets.

Costs: Our staffing services come as a package, that includes recruiting candidates, pre-employment testing, background investigations and other screenings, payroll processing and benefits administration.

Database: We have a ready database of prospective candidates for each job/position with the employers. We match the job role with the right candidates. The turnaround time of providing the right set of candidates that meet each job role is relatively very short and means to fill-up a vacancy within 24 hours. Our database is kept up-to-date with new inclusion of new CVs and updating of the old ones.

High-volume/specialist placements: When it comes to taking large number of professionals in one go, or hiring a selective few specialist personnel as per the client’s project requirements, we help businesses achieve savings related to turnover, training and intangible costs of turnover.

Significantly, our staffing services help business to make huge savings on time. Our end-to-end staffing solutions begin with advertising, sourcing to recruitment, making background and reference checks and hiring of personnel.