Microsoft Office 365

Hallmark Global Technologies is the GOLD partner of Microsoft. As the premier managed services provider (MSP) for Microsoft products and services, we deal in cloud computing, most specifically with Microsoft Office 365. As understood, MS Office 365 has emerged as the most robust, value-driven and cost effective cloud platform.

Hallmark Global Technologies helps businesses to leverage on the benefits of Microsoft Office 365, and avail the benefits of reliability, flexibility and security of the cloud. We help businesses across verticals

  • To move their on-premise Microsoft Exchange email to the cloud
  • To achieve collaborative email and productivity environment
  • To provide immediate access to email, calendars, contacts and documents

The chief benefit of Microsoft Office 365 is that, it allows for integration with the existing environment or create a hybrid solution. This means moving some users to the cloud as well as offering support on on-premise access for others.

Office 365 brings together all the MS products under one roof: Microsoft Office, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync Online. So, the personnel working from any location can work together with greater level of coordination and effectiveness. This may be internal or external collaboration, the process is simple and secure.

Added, Microsoft Office 365 allows for working on multiple platforms and instruments (desktop, laptop, tablet PCs, and Smart phones), which means greater flexibility to the staff to further coordinated and collaborative work.