Small businesses as well as large enterprises across the globe increasingly confront the challenge of system integration. As the customer demands and expectations are fast changing, the need to enhance the existing IT applications, and bringing about greater integration between the disparate units of the organization has become emergent.

Hallmark Global Technologies takes a holistic view of system integration process. For us, it means linking of different computing systems, applications, software, and hardware in a manner that improves the functionality of an existing system. We ensure the each system integration solution achieves a specific goal or objective.

Reduces the amount of extraneous systems and applications, enabling organizations to capitalize on their existing systems

  • Automates manual tasks and thereby saves on time and resources
  • Streamlines processes, technologies and models
  • Integrates system components
  • Achieves exchange of information between disparate systems

System integration demands the right focus with extensive planning. It includes the following steps:

  • Create interfaces with stable and well-defined features that will interact seamlessly with other systems.
  • Implement middleware, which harvests and stores information from disparate systems and allows them to interact with each other
  • Perform tests to ensure that the systems are functioning properly

Businesses and clients gain from a host of benefits of system integration:

  • Increased revenue through enhanced business intelligence
  • Minimized development costs
  • Continued use of legacy systems parallel to new and innovative software
  • Expanded customer base due to robust distribution methods
  • Improved efficiency through consolidation
  • Enhanced business agility for early go-to-market benefits