ReSOLUTE makes things simple for staffing, hiring and recruiting agencies, and HR departments of companies. Significantly, ReSOLUTE allows for complete automation of the talent acquisition lifecycle.


  • Helps in efficient and effective management of daily tasks
  • Helps in allocation of requirements to team members and vendors scientifically using our Load Allocation Feature
  • Provides different ways to source candidates
  • Helps to import candidate information directly from the mailbox
  • Provides for easy screening and selection process
  • Helps to map the competencies of each candidate
  • Keeps track of candidates and analyzes their joining behavior
  • Provides for seamless daily/weekly reviews through an intuitive dashboard


  • State of art, real-time Dashboards with drill-down capability
  • Microsoft Outlook like intuitive User Interface – Minimal user training required
  • Built to provide productivity improvement – Planning, Sourcing, Screening and Reporting
  • Unlimited Email and Filer templates
  • User Customizable Fields, Labels and Forms
  • Highly flexible workflows and extensible frameworks – new features and modules and plug-n-play add-ins
  • Adhoc Reporting feature – helps build unlimited trackers
  • Uses Dynamic Synchronization – reduces network bandwidth needs
  • User-defined Automated alerts and task notifications
  • Universal Calendar, Date, Time, Numbers, and Currency format support
  • MS Office Integration, Bulk Import resumes, Bulk Schedule for Walk-ins, Roster management and many more