Hallmark Healthcare IT offers end-to-end technology services to Hospitals & Systems, Rural and CAH Facilities, Operating Rooms, Dialysis Centers and Ambulatory Clinics. We help the healthcare sector to leverage on innovative technologies and achieve greater efficiency in patient care and healthcare administration.

Predominantly, we offer the right-fit and affordable software solutions to hospitals, medical schools, community health centers, CAHs and LTACHs. Our clients also include Surgical Centers, Urgent Care centers, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Labs, Dialysis Clinics, Physician Practices and PT/Rehabilitation Clinics.

We have centers all over the world: US, Dubai, India, Singapore, and South Africa. In US, we are located in Michigan, New York and New Jersey. Our technology team includes software architects and developers with 20+ years of experience in IT, process engineering, finance and healthcare. We aim to optimize the healthcare organization to improve operational efficiency, and achieve fiscal accountability.