Hallmark Capabilities

Hallmark Global technologies can help you with a broad range of cloud services—from designing a new platform to migrating a legacy platform. Our deep assets and extensive capabilities help accelerate enterprise cloud programs. Our Migration Service helps clients evaluate which applications should be moved to the cloud, and when, by providing a practical roadmap and scalable methodologies for moving large application portfolios to AWS.

The service also provides comprehensive testing services to quickly get applications up and running in the cloud. Combining our experience in application modernization, infrastructure, security and outsourcing, we work with clients to assess application readiness for the cloud, plan and implement the migration, and then provide the services to manage those applications on AWS.

AWS Competencies and Comprehensive Consulting and Technical Services

Hallmark is a certified AWS Consulting Partner and has developed a portfolio of services and tools to enable enterprise cloud. Our dedicated, talented, and knowledgeable people have delivered a wide range of AWS solutions.

Tailored to meet your specific business goals and requirements, our full suite of services include:

AWS Best of Cloud Computing

Flexible Cost-effective Scalable and Elastic Secure

Get more benefit from Hallmark’s AWS services Hallmark Global technologies has a rich pedigree of providing a robust cloud-based delivery framework to various organizations and industries. We utilize best-in-class monitoring, management and delivery tools and services to help organizations effortlessly migrate their enterprise applications, data, mobile applications, and just about anything else to the Cloud. This will enhance agility of the business, reduced time-to-market cycles, reduced Total Cost of Operations and better control on business processes.

Strong relationship with Amazon provides deep insights and early access to new features and capabilities Flexible and scalable solutions utilizing existing infrastructure investments and application integrations Solution centres to help you explore performance, security and governance Skilled, dedicated professionals who specialize in AWS deployments Assistance at all stages of AWS adoption lifecycle -from initial concept to development and testing to management and support.

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