Nimble Accounting LLC

Migrating Microsoft Windows Workloads from Google Cloud Platform to AWS cloud

Nimble Accounting LLC is a US based financial accounting, Software Development and Services Company. The client had their infrastructure setup on Google Cloud Platform. The challenge was meeting the expectations of the customers in delivering the stable and sustainable service through scalable, secured and reliable infrastructure solution apart from cost-optimization.

Hallmark recommended the customer to migrate the applications and data from Google Cloud Platform to AWS cloud to resolve the issues the customer is facing and to achieve a scalable and stable infrastructure environment. The solution stack contained Microsoft Windows workloads, consisting of Active Directory and MS SQL Database services.

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‘Hallmark’s migration strategy was in line with our quality and costing expectations enabling our solutions perform better on AWS cloud which resulted into improved service reliability and increased customer base’

Radha Alla

CEO, Nimble Account LLC.

Talluri Technologies

Migrating Microsoft Workloads from Azure and On-Premises to AWS cloud

Talluri Technologies is a US based leading services and solutions Development Company for the customers in the healthcare domain. They are specialized into HIPAA compliant Medical Coding and Medical Billing services providing end-to-end business process outsourcing services to their customers. They had their application stack setup on Azure and in a physical data centre.

The challenge was managing the infrastructure in two different locations apart from security and performance. Hallmark migrated their application components from Azure and Data Centre to AWS and resolved the issues related to performance, security, cost and infrastructure management overhead.

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‘Hallmark Global Technologies helped migrating our Windows based applications from Azure to AWS through custom designed migration methodologies and project management processes. Also we migrated On-premises workloads to AWS thereby achieving a single secure platform for all our application stacks. We are able to see significant performance improvement along with at least 28% of cost optimization’

Garlapati Reddy

Technology Head, Talluri Technologies

Nimble Property

Migrating Microsoft Windows Workloads from Physical Data Centre to AWS cloud

Nimble Property is a US based Industry’s leading cloud-based hotel accounting software and bookkeeping service provider for the Hospitality Industry. The challenge was about reliability and cost optimization of their IT infrastructure setup on physical data centre. Higher costs were involved in provisioning redundant servers and services to cater to the needs of reliability and high availability.

Hallmark helped architecting their AWS infrastructure and migrated the applications and data from physical data centre to AWS cloud. The migrated technical stack contained Microsoft workloads including Amazon EC2 for Windows Servers, Active Directory, and Amazon RDS for MS SQL Database Server.

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‘Hallmark Global Technologies helped migrating our applications from data centre to AWS cloud. It resulted into achieving significant cost reduction and performance improvement of our applications thereby improving the customer satisfaction ratings of our clients.’

BGK Prasad

Director, Nimble Property

eTutor Learning Labs

AWS Well-Architected Review

eTutor Learning Labs is a product development company in the space of Education. They develop and deliver tailored and scalable education assessment solutions that are not only easy to use but also powerful in terms of transforming the current learning system of schools, colleges and institutions into a new age digital learning platform.

The client had their systems and applications hosted on AWS which they were using to develop and deliver their education software products to their customers. The main challenges were cost and security.

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‘Well-Architected Reviews conducted by Hallmark Global Technologies on our AWS Services and Resources have been very useful in identifying the risks and opportunities of improvement across security, reliability, performance, cost and operational processes and procedures. The remediations done by Hallmark resulted into achieving a 35% of cost optimization and 26% of improvement in our security posture.’

Satya Chowdary

Senior Director – IT, eTutor Learning Labs