Sunray Group

Industry Vertical – Hospitality

The Client

Sunray Group is a family-owned, multifaceted corporation specializing in hospitality and development. Sunray believes in the strength of brand equity. The group is successfully building an ever-increasing portfolio of award-winning brands, which include Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, Radisson, Best Western, IHG, Wyndham and Choice Hotels. They have also developed prominent brands such as Tim Horton's, McDonald's, Fionn MacCool’s, Shell and Petro Canada.

The Challenge

The client had their infrastructure setup on-premises. The challenge was meeting the expectations of the customers in terms of delivering the stable and sustainable service through scalable, secured and reliable infrastructure solution apart from cost-optimization, security and Time to Live (TTL) Management was another important factor that the customer wanted to achieve, as the application will be accessed by the end users from Canada and India locations and some parts of European Countries for which end users needs to get access to the application with decreased latency in network across the globe. The customer is facing security challenges due to increasing cyber threats, including DDoS attacks, SQL injection attempts, and malicious bots.

The Solution

The AWS Services like Server Migration, Database Migration is used effectively and efficiently to migrate the servers and databases of different application to AWS. All components of the database fleet including computing, storage, database, networking etc., are planned and migrated from on-premises to AWS with the least and acceptable downtime without impacting the business process. Amazon Cloud Front and Load balancer both together used to meet the client’s requirement in providing security and Time to Live (TTL) Management to increase in application reach for the end users who access the application across the globe. WAF is enabled on CDN for security best practices on the application.

We used AWS CloudFront to deliver video on demand (VOD) to serve the demo videos to the end users in providing the best learning experience about the product to the end users. Amazon S3 is used as origin where video content is stored and served, so that viewers / end users can watch the videos at any time. Implemented a comprehensive security strategy using Amazon CloudFront, AWS WAF (Web Application Firewall), and Lambda@Edge. This combination allowed them to not only accelerate their content delivery but also enhance security at the edge of the AWS Cloud

The Benefits

Hallmark’s well-designed strategy helped Sunray Group in achieving significant improvements in website's security posture and performance after implementing AWS CloudFront, AWS WAF and Lambda@Edge. The challenging issues such as TTL Management in accessing the website and the major challenge is website's security posture and performance that resolved after implementing AWS CloudFront, AWS WAF and Lambda@Edge, which results in Reduced Downtime: DDoS attacks were effectively mitigated, leading to reduced downtime and uninterrupted customer access.

Improved Data Protection: The risk of SQL injection was minimized, protecting customer data and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Enhanced User Experience: By blocking malicious bots and automated scraping attempts, the website's performance improved for legitimate users.

By integrating AWS WAF and Lambda@Edge into their Amazon CloudFront deployment, customer is successfully demonstrated mastery over advanced security features. Their ability to implement custom security rules, mitigate threats in real time, and enhance user experience showcases how cloud-based solutions can effectively safeguard online businesses against evolving cyber threats.