Jamsan Managementp

Industry Vertical – Hospitality

The Client

Jamsan Management is New England based hotel & asset management company, which is recognized by its investors, franchisers and clients as quality intensive. Jamsan owns & manages a wide variety of properties in the North East United States. They work with all the leading national brands such as Hilton, Marriott International, Choice Hotels, Best Western International and Intercontinental Hotel Group to provide a unique lodging solution for the greater New England region.

The Challenge

The client had their infrastructure setup on Microsoft Azure. The challenge was having a stable and sustainable environment of their application in addition to achieving cost-optimized infrastructure for their application. Security and Time to Live (TTL) Management was another important factor the customer wanted to achieve as the application will be accessed by the end users mostly from US and India locations which users’ needs to access the application with low latency network from both the geographic locations.

The Solution

In order to resolve the issues of the customer’s application and infrastructure, Hallmark recommended to migrate their application to AWS. We used to AWS Database Migration Service to migrate the databases to AWS RDS effectively and efficiently. We used Amazon CloudFront for Caching dynamic content at the edge helps offload the origin server and reduces the load on infrastructure and distribute content to end users with low latency, high data transfer speeds, and no minimum usage commitments.

We enabled encrypt data during transit by configuring the CloudFront to required that viewers use HTTPS to request your files, so that connections are encrypted when CloudFront communicates with viewers / end users. AWS WAF is enabled and configured rules on Amazon CloudFront for Security Best Practices.

The Benefits

Hallmark’s Well-Architected aligned solution strategy helped Jamson achieving a smooth migration of their workloads including applications and databases to AWS. The challenging issues such as scalability, reliability, cost and security and TTL management in accessing the application are resolved using AWS services. As a result, the customer was able to meet their business objectives and met the security and performance expectations of their end customers.