eTutor Learning Labs

AWS Well-Architected Review
Industry Vertical – Education

The Client

eTutor Learning Labs is a product development company in the space of Education. They develop and deliver tailored and scalable education assessment solutions that are not only easy to use but also powerful in terms of transforming the current learning system of schools, colleges and institutions into a new age digital learning platform. Their products are aimed at ensuring intuitive student learning experience while enabling their teachers deliver an improved quality of education with enhanced productivity.

The Challenge

The client had their systems and applications hosted on AWS which they were using to develop and deliver their education software products to their customers. The main challenges were cost and security. The AWS services and resources of the deployed application stack required a thorough review to generate a report of recommendations for improving the overall architecture of the solution on AWS. The monitoring and alerting mechanism was also needed to improve in addition to reliability and availability of the applications.

The Solution

In consultation with Hallmark Global Technologies, eTutor has got their AWS infrastructure reviewed in the lines of AWS Well-Architected Framework. Hallmark conducted AWS WAR covering the 5 pillars; Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security, Operational Excellence and Cost Optimization. After thorough review and analysis, a report is generated containing a list of risks and their remediation solutions. Cost analysis is performed in detail and the AWS resources such as EC2 instances and storage are re-architected and resized. Security analysis is done and came up with an improvement plan to block the unwanted ports and protocols and to restrict the traffic flows. Identity and Access Management, Security Groups, Network Access Control Lists, public facing web services, internal private applications and databases are appropriately re-architected and implemented.

‘Hallmark Global Technologies has conducted Well-Architected-Review on our production workload and remediated the high risk and medium risk issues. This WAR was very useful in optimizing our AWS infrastructure by improving the operational procedures, reliability and performance. We could achieve the cost optimization by upto 35% in addition to the improvement of our infrastructure security by 26%’

— Satya Chowdary – Senior Director – IT, eTutor Learning Labs

The Benefits

As a result of conducting AWS Well-Architected Review and remediation of the medium and high risk issues, there has been significant improvement in security and cost optimization. The end results are 35% of cost optimization and 26% of improvement in security.