Jamsan Managementp

Industry Vertical – Hospitality

The Client

Jamsan Management is New England based hotel & asset management company, which is recognized by its investors, franchisers and clients as quality intensive. Jamsan owns & manages a wide variety of properties in the North East United States. They work with all the leading national brands such as Hilton, Marriott International, Choice Hotels, Best Western International and Intercontinental Hotel Group to provide a unique lodging solution for the greater New England region.

The Challenge

The client had their infrastructure setup on Microsoft Azure. The challenge was having a stable and sustainable environment of their application in addition to achieving cost-optimized infrastructure for their application. Security was another important factor the customer wanted to achieve. The other challenges faced by the customer are maintaining compliance, managing resource configurations, that has impact on the business operations.

The Solution

Our team implemented AWS Config, a comprehensive configuration management and compliance service from Amazon Web Services. The solution included the following components:

AWS Config Setup:We configured AWS Config to record all Windows instances in the Jamsan Management AWS account, capturing detailed configuration data and changes.

Automated Remediation: Leveraging AWS Lambda, we implemented automated remediation actions for non-compliant configurations. This streamlined the change management process and reduced manual efforts.

Scalability : The appropriate computer resources are setup in auto scaling to meet the varying demands of user traffic to the application.

Reliability : To ensure the reliability and availability of the applications multi-AZ solutions are used for highly available applications and databases.

Security : In order to secure the applications data and infrastructure the relevant security controls are applied using IAM service, security groups, network ACL’s, MFA’s, encryptions, etc.

Cost Optimization : All the AWS services and resources are selected and sized for the best possible cost optimization of the application resources. The long running compute resources are reserved as Reserved Instances that reduced the cost significantly.

Configuration Rules: We defined custom configuration rules tailored to Windows instances, ensuring compliance with industry standards and internal policies. Rules were created to monitor critical security configurations, such as password policies, firewall settings, and access controls.

Change Monitoring: AWS Config enabled continuous monitoring of Windows instance configurations. Any configuration changes or drifts were immediately detected, allowing Jamsan Management to respond promptly.

The Benefits

Hallmark by implementing AWS Config for their AWS Windows instances, Jamsan Management achieved improved configuration management, enhanced compliance, and streamlined change control. The comprehensive visibility and automated monitoring capabilities provided by AWS Config empowered them to maintain a secure and compliant environment while reducing manual efforts and associated costs.