Nimble Accounting is a cloud based accounting software offered in the SaaS model. It helps accountants, business users and BPO agencies to manage business accounts with ease and convenience. Nimble Accounting offers an integrated solution to accountants and business owners, who are on the move. Nimble Accounting allows for management of accounts, anytime and anywhere.


  1. Anytime and anywhere management of accounts
  2. Provision to manage multiple accounts under single login
  3. Financial information of all the businesses owned by the user can be viewed and analyzed from a single dashboard
  4. Capture financial transactions in more detail in lesser time
  5. Continuous sharing of financial information between owner’s and accountant’s office


Nimble Accounting offers end-to-end accounting services to accountants, business users and BPO companies. Nimble Accounting is highly customizable, and serves the immediate needs of different categories of users.


  • Customized for different accounts service providers
  • Accurate & up-to-date financial information
  • Economical
  • Overnight turnaround
  • 27 happy owners having 135 corporations

Sales Management

  • Allows to Feed daily cash tally information under various heads, such as cash sales, merchant credit card sales, direct credit to customers, franchise fees and cash payouts
  • Configures the accounts for various components and passes the journal entries easily, quickly and accurately
  • Monitors on a daily, weekly or any required periodicity for each business unit or profit center and combined for all such business units of an user
  • Provides accurate information through simple and user-friendly receipt input screens separately for deposits of cash collected from sales and any other receipts

Payroll Accounting

  • Allows tracking of employee time
  • Provides user-friendly input screens for Payroll summaries to record the wage costs
  • Reconciles Payroll liabilities based on wage cost
  • Processes statutory deductions like tax payments and net pay payments in a systematic way
  • Offers a convenient platform for handling payments for multiple retail franchises from a single screen at one go
  • Supports macro level planning at corporation level or group level with multiple corporations

Inter-company Accounting

Inter-company transfers such as funds transfer, bill transfer, debit memo transfer etc. can be handled from a single screen for among all the corporations owned by the user. Configures automatic reconciliation and generates an ICF Ledger report

Additional Functions

1. Payments / Receipts
2. Reviewing accounting classifications
3. Bank reconciliation
4. Setting recurring transactions like payment of rents / franchise payments / loan amortization etc.
5. E-mail alerts for payables and receivables
6. Generating standard and customized reports: E.g. Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, P & L Statement, Sales Management Reports (for each Corporation / Store / Business) etc.
7. Two way communication with clients and employees
8. Automated alerts for Clients
9. Payroll Accounting, Purpose, Locking, Adjustment, Cloning
10. Manual & Automatic Reconciliation
11. Combined Financial Reports
12. Access anywhere, anytime Web Enabled Software
13. Accounting tool + Business intelligence tool!
14. Accounting Console for multiple corporations and businesses.
15. Cockpit helps you drill down to transaction level.
16. Collate and compare key metrics.
17. Track revenues. Analyze performance. Manage growth.
18. Input, Output processes hassle-free accounting.
19. Manual and interactive bank reconciliations.
20. Generate standard or customized reports with a click.
21. It’s simple, user-friendly virtual accountant.
22. Customized report book can be sent by email on a regular basis.