• Fair Growth Personnel Services, Mumbai, India

    When it meant handling the bulk staffing and hiring requirements of our clients, we were facing problems of management and follow-up on each candidate. Then, we found this ReSOLUTE that accorded us with convenience and ease of operations. We could now have a firm control over the entire talent acquisition life-cycle. Beneficially, it takes us little effort to manage our database of candidates, sort the right candidates as per each job description, and do lot many things like plan, source, screen, and report on the hiring and staffing process. With the help of ReSOLUTE, we are now in a position to handle large client accounts. Thanks to the team at Hallmark for this wonderful software product.

    Fair Growth Personnel Services, Mumbai, India

  • Belief Charity Care, Mississippi, US

    We run a charity health centre in our neighborhood. There are many doctors, nurses and para medics who offer voluntary services at our centre. As the patients intake increased, we requested for the services of more specialists, who were paid by some of our dedicated donors. It wasn’t so easy to schedule the timings of the staff at the health centre, till we came across Einstein II. Our admin started using the software, and found it to have many easy-to-use features. We are now able to monitor the staff’s timing and attendance, track patient admissions and discharges, and potentially ensure proactive and seamless reporting to our management and donors.

    Belief Charity Care, Mississippi, US

  • Gopala Krishna Prasad Bandaru

    Partnering with Hallmark Global Technologies has been one of the best moves we’ve ever made!
    From the day 1, the AWS experts at Hallmark were in contact with us, being proactive and responsive in addressing all our concerns precisely and keeping us up-to-date on the crucial product/service happenings. Acquired with extensive IT Hosting knowledge & Cloud significance, the AWS expertise is empowering us to deliver excellence in serving our customers better. Working with us side-by-side, they ensure that we choose the tailored solutions for our diverse projects, helping us to lead and set the company’s strategic direction, defining and articulating new opportunities. Overall, we have seen a dynamic transformation in our deliverables powered by accelerated innovation, operational excellence and strategic execution, after partnering with Hallmark Global Technologies.”

    Gopala Krishna Prasad Bandaru, Director of Product Management - Nimble Accounting LLC

  • ZENTON Trading Company, New Jersy, USA

    When it comes to custom application development and modernization, we had a faced lot many challenges. As we are into imports and exports, we found it difficult to monitor our field offices across United States. Since we started using Nimble Accounting software, things started improving, with greater control over our sales management, payroll accounting, funds transfer, track revenues, analyze performance and manage growth. In one word, we could achieve now hassle-free accounting across our business ecosystem. Importantly, we could meet our liabilities such as rents, franchise payments and loan amortization. Across the system we could also standardize our balance sheets, cash flow statement, P&L Statements, Sales Management Reports etc

    ZENTON Trading Company, New Jersy, USA